I’m not ready…

I’m not ready for fall, mentally, physically or spiritually. And here it is with  no transition and if you can believe the forecast no reprieve in sight. Not that the weather is awful; it’s just cool and cloudy with some showers and not like summer at all.

My flowers knew before I did or before I would acknowledge fall’s imminent arrival. The blooms are smaller, there are brown leaves and the stalks are spindly and long as though they are trying to escape the inevitable. I feel their struggle. I can water (I do), I can deadhead and I can fertilize but the hard fact remains, they are winding down. If they are annuals, they face death and if they’re perennial, they are gearing down for the coming cold. It is has already snowed west of Calgary.

Leaves on Manitoba maples and domestic poplars are turning yellow. Some of the shrubs have red leaves. The apples are reining down from our old trees with startling abundance. Even the bumper crop of zucchini I expected has stalled. It’s only August 30 and fall is here.

Our camper has been winterized and put away for the season. I even, gasp, cleaned a linen cupboard and cleared clutter and worn sheets. The triage was long overdue.

Two mornings ago, I wore my mini-gloves on the dogs’ walk and I was glad to have them. I have forsaken my flip-flops for new sneakers and people, I have warm feet but in the morning coolness, it’s better to have conventional socks and shoes.

Geese are gathering and flocking. They haven’t left yet but it won’t be long. Other birds are collecting in groups; enough sit on the power lines to remind me of the old Hitchcock film, The Birds. I have heard sand hill cranes calling overhead and they are flying in formation, too.

School will soon be back in. Teachers have met and are preparing. Today I booked a couple of subbing jobs. Back-to-school supplies are actually being purchased and new outfits added to student wardrobes. The Labour Day weekend starts Saturday and it looks to be cool. No pretending summer is lingering. I have to face it; summer is over.

IMG_2249 (1)
You can see the trees turning and the longer shadows, even though it was nearly 11:00 AM.

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