Sheltering- Belated Birthdays

Ha! I missed my birthday but I’m still a year older. I missed my grandson’s and granddaughter’s but today we got together for the first time since March. We golfed and ordered pizza and visited. The kids play with the Jack Russell and now she’s pooped.

My birthday surprises? Two, one from each of my grandkids and each one a unique creation. First, my bouquet of pastel tulips in a silver and green vase. My ten-year-old granddaughter made it for me and has kept it until now. It will be displayed in a place of honour.

My grandson, who turned 13 in April, created a model of our house and yard. It is to scale and includes every detail. He measured angles and figured out how to replicate our ‘cottage’ roof. The trees, shrubs and flowers are all there. The dog house and basketball hoop are in the right place. There’s even a truck parked between the house and garage.

Sasha used materials at hand and adapted them for his model. The only purchased things are a couple of the deciduous trees. The fir trees are made from cones and sponges became the hedge. Our backyard swing and table are all there.

These are gifts I will always treasure. Hours and hours of thought and work went into the model of our home. My pictures don’t do it justice; it is so true to life.

The bouquet is set in a vase decorated by my granddaughter.

I was disappointed not to celebrate birthdays in April, and then in July but this visit and my gifts make up for it. Both have found spots in my front room. Take that COVID. Thank you, grands and my son.

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