Sheltering- And the Nutters

“I want a haircut.” – Sign carried by a protestor in Toronto. A haircut. Is this what it’s come to? No one is excited by the prospect of a missed summer. Here, in Alberta, all festivals, stampedes, and exhibitions will be re-scheduled for 2021. Covid 19 is taking its toll socially.

Such a serious oppression.

Yet, we need to shelter in place and be patient in the new reality. Getting the virus or passing it to others isn’t the answer. Our biggest challenge looms. Summer will be solitary and different. Camping, travel, and visiting will be restricted. Winter is long and we yearn for summer.

Yesterday I had a google hangouts visit with my 9 year old granddaughter. “I did 4 hours of school work,” she said. “Dad showed me where the work was but now I’m caught up.”

She thought for a moment. “I wish I could go to school. I miss my friends.”

“I miss my friends, too,” I said. And I miss not being able to visit my grandkids and my adult kids. When we get together, there are only 6 of us but it’s loud with a lot of laughter. Who wouldn’t miss that? My friends and I are a certain vintage but that just makes the conversation more irreverent and entertaining. Opinionated, funny, and perhaps wise.

“I need a haircut.” That is a petty, spoiled attitude and I fervently hope that the protests in Canada don’t spread. We are privileged, I am privileged, but the threat of Covid 19 is real. I will continue to stay home and like my granddaughter, “I miss my friends.”

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