Sheltering- A Little Excitement

As the self isolation becomes more of a drag even though I know it’s inconvenience and inconvenience only, I look for things to do. So does Gary. Since the choices open are few, we took another walk through the bush looking for antlers. If a deer, elk, or moose lost antlers this year, you couldn’t prove it by me.

The dogs have no problem with the same activity. They are as excited to get in the truck as they were initially. We did see a white tail deer in the distance on the way out and a couple of mule deer with their distinctive spring-spring gait and coming back. Maybe it’s the fresh air, it could be the wind, or perhaps it was tripping over fallen trees, stumbling in tangled shrubs, or dry twisted grass. Whatever the reason, we all had naps.

A Whitetail deer on her way…

About 2:00 a convoy of cars, trucks, and SUVs drove past, horns honking. The teachers and staff from the local schools had organized a “drive-by” visit for the students they were missing and who were missing them. Across the street, three or four kids sat on a step waving and enjoying the moment of connection.

A great idea. Many of the vehicles were decorated or bore signs identifying the school their drivers were from. The staccato of horns made a simple drive-by into an event. The Wainwright Fire and Rescue with lights flashing and sirens brought up the rear. Everyone, Gary, Scruffy, Taz, and me watched until they were gone.

Hand lettered sign bore messages of encouragement like, “We are not gone,” and “We’ll be back.” In an day when the time was dragging, a simple idea cheered everyone. Teachers, students, and town residents. Things will get back to a new normal. It is an inconvenience not to be able to run to the store, to go for coffee, or eat in a restaurant. It’s a little boring but not fatal, so I’ll stay home and if Gary suggests more walks in the bush, I’ll go.

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