Sheltering – the New Covid Shopping Needs

Toilet Paper? Passé. Hand sanitizer? Soap and water work very well. Yeast? Bread and baking aren’t as easy or fun as YouTube makes it look. Jigsaw puzzles and coffee? Stocked up.

The latest things flying off the shelves are hair products and exercise equipment. Some people are even trying the No Poo look if they aren’t shampooing their hair as much. If you don’t see other people…the theory is sebum glands readjust and don’t produce as much oil. Warning: there is a transition period. Exercise equipment? Well, you just can’t go out to the gym now, can you?

Barbells are big sellers. Some gyms are renting stationary bikes so that you can sweat and stay in shape in your home. Shelter at home; exercise at home. Some trainers stream their routines so that clients can work out just as they had pre-covid, only now they do it by themselves, in front of the tv.

People are coping by taking action. There isn’t much you can do about the virus except wash your hands, stay home, and avoid any place where you might run into people. These are such passive ways of dealing with the danger of the pandemic. Shopping for “survival” needs is a more active way of trying to maintain control.

At night when I’m supposed to be sleeping, the surreal images and messages of covid 19 invade my thoughts. Then I become anxious, worrying I should be wiping down this, bleaching that, or maybe completely withdrawing from the world.

It turns out some of my fears are foundation-less. The clothes you wear are porous and don’t hold viruses well. Those that might fall onto a coat or other clothing likely last at most 24 hours. The fat component of their capsule breaks down. Unless you are a frontline worker. Regular laundering will get rid of any covid.

Newspapers, books, etc. that come into the house are quite safe. The virus transfer to their surfaces is small and they don’t last. If you’re worried, leave the cardboard or paper products for 24 hours and you’re sure.

Outdoors little currents of air carry droplet-containing particles away from you. When walking or jogging, you set up these little eddies and the virus doesn’t get a chance to settle. Stay six feet away from others and you’re safe.

Your shoes? Wiping them down just spreads bacteria, fecal particles (you were outside) and other organic “stuff” around. Sneakers and footwear like that can be laundered.

It looks as though the pandemic will last a while so if people cope with exercise (or the purchase of exercise equipment), with less hair washing, and more baking, good for them. The main thing is that they’re coping. As for me?? I think I’ll have a nap.

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