“tis the Season of Giving…

but what to give? The perennial problem. This year I broke it to my adult kids that once again, there would be no new car, no mortgage paid in full, and no yacht. I just want to get them a concrete expression of what they mean to me.

It’s no different for friends EXCEPT that the budget restraint is even greater. I guess I’ll have to find efficiencies. I want something that expresses how I appreciate their support and friendship.

Google knows everything, right? So I thought I’d look for inexpensive, thoughtful gift suggestions for women. What is the first suggestion? An Instapot. Who are they kidding? That’s not a gift. It might be something that makes meal preparation a little easier. You know what makes it really easy? A gift card to a restaurant. I didn’t go much farther on the list before I came to an Airfryer. Really? I hoped we’d advanced past the little woman in the 50s who looked great, cooked great, and was plain great for her man. Ugh.

Tasteful red for the Holiday giving.

Google stuff for men? Guess what socks and shorts aren’t on the list. Fun stuff is. Collectibles for movie and gaming fans. A Water-proof Build a Fire Kit for the outdoorsmen. I didn’t notice hedge clippers or snow shovels as likely to be popular. Before I sound misandristic, I like most men but for gift sugestions, they come out ahead.

I wasn’t kiddiing about the Fire Building Kit

So what will my friends get as tokens of my appreciation? I’m not sure. I guess I’ll need to get a little creative and hope that they feel a little of the value I place on our relationship. O, and laughs. I’ll try to provide more laughs.

May your Christmas Season be one of joy.

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