And new this fall….

the smart diaper.

Yes, Pampers and Proctor and Gamble are going to introduce Lumi, a package that includes a camera, a sensor, and an app. The sensor will attach to a velcro -like pad on a special Pampers diaper and will then send information to an app on your smart phone (iOS or Android). Baby’s sleep patterns will be uploaded, the camera info will let you see your sleeping baby and the piece de resistance, the sensor lets you know if the diaper is wet or very wet. Sorry, for poop, you’ll have to rely on the old sniff test. O, and the batteries for the sensor last about three months. I’m not sure if that means the purchase of a battery or a new sensor.

The claims made for this device seem a lttle ridiculous. For eons, parents knew when baby was wet. He/she cried. And tracking the time between diaper changes? Though the sensor does this, parents don’t need an app. What will this convenience cost? No word on that yet but I’m guessing, discerning new parents won’t care about cost. The sensors will join diapers, Kuerig pods, and other disposables in the landfill.

I hate to sound like an old, crabby bag, but really? Really? How stupid are people and how gullible? How greedy are corporations? Wait. I know that answer to that one. Their greed is unlimited. Developing this product is short-sighted and caters to the rampant consumerism and elitism that characterizes society.

People in many countries struggle to feed their children and supply them with the basics of life, clean water, shelter, safety. I would like to say it leaves me speechless but obviously, it doesn’t.

Pampers is not alone. Huggies has already launched a similar product in Korea. Maybe I am speechless. It’s the end times.

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