What Are They Thinking?

Sexting is something that people, young and old, rich  and poor, celebrity or not, do. I don’t understand why.

Selfies, they’re everywhere. At my advanced age, I’ve even taken a couple holding my dog. They show every wrinkle, every line, and blotch on my old face. Maybe that’s why I don’t do it often.

That being said, I can’t imagine why someone, say a man with a public position, power, and a wife and family, would be motivated to take out his phone and snap a couple of genital candids. Newsflash, genitals are designed for function not fetching form. Perhaps said man has trouble seeing his little member.

Then he texts the picture of his personal genitalia to a woman (maybe) that he doesn’t even know. He hasn’t met her and when the sexting goes bad and the “woman” threatens to expose him (I thought he’d already done it, himself), he confesses to the media, the whole country because of threatened blackmail. 

Total humiliation for him and there’s no way to make it right. Tony Clement should know better. How did he think the exchange was going to end. I make things up sometimes, attempt to write stories, and I can’t imagine this ending well.

Mister Clement isn’t the first public figure or even member of a government to get caught up in this kind of thing. The unfortunately named  Congressman Wiener of the US comes to mind. The question remains. What would make someone want to send pictures of their genitals to anyone? Kids are told to call their bits privates. There’s a reason; they’re supposed to be private.

This is an old gal trying to understand the motivation for sexting. It just seems pointless and shows a total lack of judgement. Once  an image is in cyberspace, it’s there to share. Still trying to understand.

One thought on “What Are They Thinking?

  1. Well I think the issue there is cheating, not necessarily sexting. Obviously people sext because they’re horny, and I can’t imagine men sending such photos unwarranted anyway so it goes both ways.


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