Calm down, you’ll live

Everyday frustrations affect us all. They are not life-threatening crises. As an example at our house tonight, gasp…the barbeque basting brush was missing. Drawers slammed, their contents clanging around amid a certain amount of cursing.  Then after two people (me and my retired husband) searched, it showed up in the dishwasher. No one had lost/hidden/wrecked it although someone was suspected.

During the search, it was discovered that the dishwasher, although loaded, had not been turned on a noon. Is this a crisis? No. We ate with the swish-swash of the dishwasher in the background and so far, neither of us (or the two resident dogs) have suffered indigestion, although the evening is early.

Wasps this year are numerous and aggressive. They have been truly enjoying the hummingbird feeder and the nectar we have been trying to lure actual hummingbirds with. The man of the house has hunted for nests to no avail. While deadheading petunias (I did have a beer with me and wasps enjoy beer almost as much as the sugar high they get from the feeder), I discovered their secret. They have a nest and there’s no telling how big it is. It is in our foundation which they have accessed through a tiny crack in a corner of our front steps and the house. I didn’t get stung this time but I did when I disturbed a smaller nest in the backyard while weeding. Our young dog nursed a wasp bite on her right paw for a morning. The wasps are nasty. We are going to spray the opening to which could be the mother of all wasp nests. It’s a contact poison so it could involve a few “treatments.”

yellow and black wasp on brown branch
Photo by Pixabay on

Who knew gardening could be so dangerous? But stay calm, we’ll live.


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