Ondontophobia- or the Gold Capped Tooth

Half of one of my upper molars calved off the main tooth like ice crashing from an glacier. I saved the piece, only to have one of the dogs eat it. Now there was nothing to show the dentist.

With reluctance I made the appointment to crown the tooth and save it. A lot of reluctance. Getting any dental service gives me anxiety. It’s having someone’s else’s hand in your mouth, the very real danger of pain, and the whine of the drill. I am a coward.

When the dentist said that next time she’d do a crown prep, I was relieved and as a basic chicken didn’t ask what was involved. I let myself imagine a little examination, some thoughtful grunts, and maybe a mold of the tooth so a crown could be fitted.

The day of the prep arrived. I sat back in the chair with confidence until the dentist said, “We’ll just freeze it and then apply the rubber dam.

Wait. NO! I thought this was going to be a looky-loo. I opened my mouth because what could I do? I was lying with my head below my feet; too late to make a break for it.

Sort of like this…

The needle for freezing didn’t hurt, the rubber damn was on but uncomfortable because my mouth is small (some people will laugh). So far, so good.

“I’m just going to take out the old filling,” said the dentist, taking up the DRILL. Again, I am screaming, NO, inside. She began to drill, and drill and drill and drill. It was as though she was filing down an iceberg. The drilling went on forever…did it hurt? No, but I hated every second.

When I thought she was finally done, she said, “Now I’ll just polish the edges.” She used a different instrument of torture AND it wailed.

At last the procedure was close to finished, the dam was off, and I could explore my tooth. I wanted to cry. All that was left was a little cubic stub. When I’d gone in, there was a whole half tooth.

A temporary crown was made and fitted which involved more drilling and polishing. Gah…

I have scheduled the appointment to have the permanent gold crown put on. Did I ask what was involved in that procedure? I DID NOT. I am a coward, a sufferer of ondontophobia and I will pretend I’ve done the worst part. I’m only a little traumatized.